Program : Inventing the Natural and Harmonious Cinema Paradise Places in the area of waterfall and cave of San Nicola cascata e grotta di San Nicola in the Valley Bolognetta, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

CAMPUS_Asia::SUAE_Asia Program is dual degree program between Architecture Department of Kyushu University, Tongji University and Pusan National University, aimed at enhancing the education of urban and architectural environment by developing knowledgeand skill to achieve sustainable cities and buildings in Asia. Program, as a Korea UNESCO ESD(Education for Sustainable Development) Official Project assigned by Korean National Commission of UNESCO, currently focusing on present urban and architectural problems and enlarging education opportunity to promote the practice of resilient design, accessibility and inclusive urban design and development which are adequately addressed in the UNESCO events, outcomes and publications.

The world demanding greater cooperation rather than protectionism, acknowledgement of heterogeneity rather than homogeneity. Morever balance between nature, architecture and human is adequately responsive to the direction of how the world is moving. Students will find the most effective way to install places as ‘Cinema Paradise’ by adding some architectural means at peaceful landscape of waterfalls and cave of San Nicola in Sicily

On behalf of CAMPUS_Asia::SUAE_Asia Program, 2021 Winter School pleasantly invite two universities from Europe, Vienna University of Technology from Austria and University of Palermo from Italy, as guest partner university and every proposals will be included in publication that will be publishing this year and your contribution will be acknowledged too.

Waterfalls and Cave of San Nicola is located in the territory of Bolognetta in Sicily, in a valley where the two promontories Torretta and Pizzo Cicero create a restriction of the Milicia river. In these enchanting places it will be possible to experience an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being and come into direct contact with the extraordinary nature that the area offers.

Reports on Newspaper

2021.2.26(Fri.) Kookje News Paper | 2021.2.25(Thu.) University News Network | 2021.2.26(Fri.) Sisa News

Lectures & Videos

Videos of lectures or materials of Workshop below will be shared on YouTube from 2.16 to 26 Feb.

Places of cinema in Sicily

Lecture video by Prof. Ivan SCINARDO (Director of the Experimental Center of Cinematography - Rome National Film School - Sicily Office) at 16th. Feb.

Cultural Landscapes

Lecture file by Prof. Mladen Jadric(TU Wien) will be uploaded at 17th Feb.

Design activates the countryside - Nature-friendly rural construction strategies

Lecture file by Prof. DENG Feng(Tongji University) will be uploaded at 19th Feb.