CAMPUS_Asia Plus::SUAE_Asia Program is an international education programme in architecture, supported by the UNESCO-Korea Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) National Commission, which promotes the opportunity to explore alternatives responsive to the existing urban and architectural environment through cooperation between Professors and students from the international universities of Pusan National University (South Korea), Tongji University (China), Kyushu University (Japan), Syracuse University (USA), Vienna University of Technology (Austria), University of Palermo (Italy). CAMPUS_Asia Plus::SUAE_Asia 2023 has as its primary objective the promotion of resilient design practice in the natural and built environment by expanding university education opportunities through international multidisciplinary events published by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

[International WORKSHOP 2023: Valledolmo Paradise 2030]

The International Workshop 2023 CAMPUS_Asia::SUAE_Asia Program entitled "Valledolmo Paradise 2030: Living the Transition in the Small Towns in Sicily. Programme for a Social Housing Community project in Valledolmo" aims to develop a concrete experience on the possible ways of living, from a framework of national and international references and in order to define a specific methodology to experiment on the strategies for temporary housing in Small Towns in Sicily. This Theme has returned to the forefront of the disciplinary debate after the Covid health emergency; in this context, the research-action proposed by the multidisciplinary research group LabCity Architecture (DARCH-UNIPA), directed by Prof. Arch. Renzo Lecardane (DARCH-UNIPA), addresses shared, versatile and adaptable forms of urbanisation towards a rational use of land and resources, where the component of the inhabitant is central. Collective housing thus contributes to redefining the built environment, relating to the layered urban fabric and its territory.

[THEME: Project of a Social Housing Community]

The definition of Social Housing Community refers to those innovative urban projects aimed at improving and enhancing the existing material and cultural heritage that, together with the public space, contribute to the definition of new ways of living toward the ecological and energy transition. Social Housing Community includes the design of open space for commercial and recreational activities, with the scope of establishing real communities of residents and transient inhabitants. The Social Housing Community could constitute an opportunity to revive and increase the presence, albeit temporary, of new inhabitants attracted by the desire to live healthy and well in a convivial and respectful atmosphere, experiencing minimum reception spaces suitable, for short and long periods. Temporary housing in fact offers the opportunity to attract qualified young people returning back, the elderly, travellers passing through, students, artists, startuppers, activists, and researchers who, although not deep-rooted in the territory, can play a propulsive role in building policies to attract talent and include them in the economic and social fabric of the Small Towns. Temporary housing can also be functional in hosting migrant families, within a social, urban and architectural framework for the creation of a diffuse social hotel, under the public direction of the Municipal Administration.

[PROJECT AREA: Roccafanara District in Valledolmo]

Within the framework of the Social Housing Community programme, the project for the transformation of a part of the urban fabric of the Roccafanara district in Valledolmo is introduced, with an experiment that tries to respond to the specific issues of the abandonment of small towns within the 'Trasversale sicula' and the renewed environmental and energy issues on a local and territorial scale.
The study area of the Roccafanara district comprises five existing blocks, in a semi-detached condition and in an evident state of urban and architectural decay, located along the northern edge of the Valle della Fiumara, facing a large open space meant to host temporary events, new commercial and community activities.
The launch of new virtuous dynamics with ample recourse to recycling practices and the production of integrated energy sources (solar, wind and biomass) contribute to define the priority objectives of the Social Housing Community programme in Valledolmo as an experimental laboratory for small towns in Sicily.

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Lectures & Videos

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Prof. Giuseppe Fallacara (Full professor, Dep. ArCoD, Polytechnic University of Bari), Ilaria Cavaliere (Ph.D. candidate, Dep. ArCoD, Polytechnic University of Bari), Dario Costantino (Ph.D. candidate, Dep. ArCoD, Polytechnic University of Bari) / 28. July

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