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Through over half year's reconstruction and resource conformity, well-known Suzhou City Fengqiao Scenic Area will take on a new look and start business in the latter half of this September.
In these years, Fengqiao Scenic Area undergoes destruction due to human factors such as environmental pollution and city construction and centuries-old natural erosion. All these make numerous visitors come with great interest but go back with much disappointment. From the end of last year, horticultural departments in Suzhou have centered on the artistic conception of an ancient poetry named as ¨A Night Mooring By Maple Bridge〃 to make conformity to scenic resources and renovate a batch of ancient bridge, ancient pass, ancient street and ancient ferry such as Maple Birdge, Tieling Pass, Jiangcun Bridge, Jiangfengzhou and Yuyin Garden. In addition to this, they also introduce modern architectural elements for night landscapes involving radium lamp and variegated lamp. Departments concerned also plan to ring the bell once at midnight instead of only once every year so as to enable domestic and overseas travelers to experience the dreamlike circumstance along with melodious bell sound from Hanshan Temple and idyllic landscape. (By Zhong Chongshan)