Professor, Ph.D, Dept of Architecture, , Pusan National University, KOREA
Director, CAMPUS Asia(Architecture) Program, Pusan National University, KOREA
Coordinator, Busan International Architecture Festival(BAF), Busan, KOREA
Chair, BUGAIK International Exhibition Committee, Busan, KOREA
Contact : Tel.+82-51-510-7634, 7616 Fax. +82-51-512-8478
Interest : Architecture/Urban Space, Production/Consumption of Social Space, Resilience, Appropriate Technology in Architecture
Undergraduate Courses : Architectural Design Studio 1&2, Urban Design, Digital Design
Graduate Courses : Urban Space and Social Geography, Community Resilience and Practices, Appropriate Technology and Architectural Design, Criticism of Place and placelessness
2013.3~2014.2/Visiting Professor, CAUP. Tongji University, China -> undergraduate 2nd year's studio in CAUP(13/05/16))
Registered on Marquis Who's Who 2017-2018
Education & Career
1988 Graduate School of Yeungnam University, Korea(M. in Engineering)
1996 Graduate School of Keimyeung University, Korea(Ph D in Engineering)
1996 Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, Miryang National University, Korea
2006 Professor, Department of Architecture, Pusan National University, Korea(Unification)
2013.3~2014.2 Visiting Professor, Department of Architecture, Tongji University, China
Professional Background
1986-1987 : Hyundai Architectural Design & Engineering Group, Korea
1987- Partnership with various Architect's Offices
1997- Architectural Design Review Committee(Miryang,Ulsan,Gyeungnam)
2000- Design Review Committee for Turn-key Project(Korea)
2000- Architectural Design Review Committee.Kyeungnam Students Design Commpetition(GIRA, Korea)
2006- Architectural Design Review Committee(Jinhae, Changwon)
2009- Urban Design Review Committee(Gyeungnam)
2009- Review Committee of Medical Service Improvement Project, Ministry of Health & Welfare(Korea)
2010- Advisory Committee of Design, the Office of Supply(Korea)
2011- Review Committee of Design, Korea Institute of Construction, Transportation Technology Evaluation and Planning(Korea)
2011- Urban Planning Committee(Nam-gu,Busan)
2012- Architecture Committee(Ulsan)
Activity : Member of Korea Institute of Architects, Architectural Institute of Korea, Korea Institute of Interior Design, Korean Urban Design
             Architectural Institute of Japan, Urban Planning Institute of Japan, Korean Housing Association
Office : +82-51-510-7634 Fax. +82-51-512-8478
   Lab : +82-51-510-7616(Lab of Architectural Design and Space Theory) -> Jamiheun
E-mail :
A Study on the Contemporaneous Meanings and Theorization of Traditional Thought/1995.8
A Study on Architctural interpretation and Application of the Che-Yong theory/1995.11
A Study on the Composition Method of Architectural Space by the Traditional Thoughts/1995
A Study on the Thoughts of Architectural Design/1996.12
A Study on the Paradigm and the Collective Idea of Korean Contemporary Architecture/1997.12
A Study on the Town-scape in Land Readjustment Area of Urban Districts/1997.12
A Study on the Interpretation of Whole-Interactiveness of architectural Space/1998.6
A Study on the Main Theme of Architectural Design Camp./1998.6
A Study on the Sky-line and the Skyscraper of Major Cities/1998.6
A Study on the Chronological Transition of Skyscraper Buildings/1998.6
A Basic Study on the Ecological Architecture/1998.11
The Paradigm Sift in Architecture/1999.2
The Concept and Objectiveness of Sustainable Architecture/1999.2
A Study on the Development of Basic Projects of Architectural Design Education/1999.2
A Study on the Design Method Model for Whole-Interactive Process/1999.6
A Study on the Categories and Elements of Architectural Space/1999.6
A Study on Methodological Development of Architectural Space/1999.6
A Study on the Conditions of Educational Facalities in Changwon City/1999.10
The Recognition of Rythm and Scale of Architectural Form/2002.9
New Paradigm and A Whole-Interactiveness in Architecture/2002.9
A Study on Whole-Interactive Concepts in Architecture/2003.9
Analysis of Regional Identity and Space Re-arrangement of Old Village/2004.9
A Case Study of Facility Program of Welfare Facility for the Aged in Korea/2005.9
A Study on Sequence Characteristics of Historic Landscape of Three Treasures Buddhist Temples in Korea(1)/2006.9
A Study on Sequence Characteristics of Historic Landscape of Three Treasures Buddhist Temples in Korea(2)/2006.9
The Characterization Program of History-Culture-Street by Consideration of Culture Resources/2007.6
Chracteristics of Landscape Elements Appearance and The View Points of Approach Road on Three Treasure Buddhist Temples in Korea/2008.2
Interpretation of Architectural Value System by the View-Point of Chongshang/2008.5
Architectural Comprehension of Chongshang and Deconstructive Thoughts in Contemporary Philosophy and Architecture/2008.11
A Study of Selecting Sequencial Viewpoint and Examining the Effectiveness of Omni-directional Angle Image Information in Grasping the Characteristics of landscape/2009.4[SCIE]
The Apprehension of Social-Ecologocal Architecture focused on the Concept of Nature/2011.5
Cognitive Representation on Places and Ways of Traditional Village of South Area of Huangsan Mt. in China/2011.7
A study on the physical characteristics of the visual environment factors based on dynamic characteristics/2011.7
A Study of Spatial Practices for Urban and Architecture in Modern Times/2012.6
A Study on the Traditional Architecture and its Characteristics of Fu-Long-Cun in China/2013.11
A Study on Revitalization of Early Modern Industrial Buildings of Shanghai in China/2013.12
A Study on the Housing Characteristics and its Changes of Fu-Long-Cun in China since Modern Age/2014.2
The Multi-Valance Meaning on the Olden Village Tao-ping and Houses Space in China/2014.12
The Factors for Success of Saemaeul Undong and Its New Agenda/2016.6[CSSCI]
A Study on Analysis of Cognitive Map and Social Space at Traditional Villages of Nanxijiang in Zhejiang Province of China/2017.2
The Characteristics on the Traditional Villages and Cognitive Map of Dong tribe’s in Guizhou Province, China/2017.4
Evolving Urban-rural Development, Dilemmas and Policy Agendas: Lessons from Korea and Japan/2018.4
A Case Study of Decreasing Environment Pollution Caused by Energy Consumption of a Dormitory Building Which Only Using Electricity by Efficiently Simulating Applying Residential SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)/2019.3
Appropriation and Exchange of the Third Space at Longchang-Gongyu in China/2019.4
Discussions on the Dilemmas, Causes and Conservation Suggestions of Rural Landscape in China Based on the Field Studies/2019.05[CSSCI]
A Study of Passive Design Strategy on Typical Village House in XiAn Northwestern China/2019.06
A Study on the Characteristics of Festival caused by Liminality Tendency in the Traditional Street/2019.09
A Study on the Space Cognition Characteristics at Minority Traditional Village in Yunnan Province of China/2019.09
Cognitive Characteristics of Social Space on Town Wall Villages in Busan and Gyeongnam Areas/2019.11
Environmental and Efficiency Analysis of Simulated Application of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Co-Generation System in a Dormitory Building/2019. 12[SCI]
 Editorial & Critique
10 Collection of Kyuengnam Architecture N.3-Yangduek Cathedral(korean) KyongNam News/1999.5.31
10 Collection of Kyuengnam Architecture N.8-Mun-sin Museum(korean) KyongNam News/1999.7.5
Special Theme : Theoretical Analysis of Issue Works - Shoji Ueda Museum of Photograhy,Takamatsu Shin(Korean) Ideal Architecture & Interior/2003.03
Architecture and Analogy(Korean) News Paper, Graduate School of Eihwa University/2006.05.08
Critique of Busan Cinema Center(Plus,2011/11)
Vank Tangyue Residencial Area, Shenzhen, China(Korean Housing Association,2011/11)
Chungjin Church main hall(Space,2015/2)[A&HCI]
Yangsan Eorinjip(Space,2018/2)[A&HCI]
The Technique and Blank Space of the Zigzag(Space,2019/1)[A&HCI]

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