Director, Professor, Ph.D, Dept of Architecture, , Pusan National University, KOREA 2013.3~2014.2/Visiting Professor, CAUP. Tongji University, China -> undergraduate studio in CAUP(13/05/16))
Director, CAMPUS Asia(Architecture) Program, Pusan National University, KOREA
Commissioner, Busan International Architecture Festival(BAF), Busan, KOREA
Contact : Tel.+82-51-510-7634, 7616 Fax. +82-51-512-8478 . . . Draft of Prof. Wolf Reuter's Lecture(2014.4.28)
Interest : Architecture+Urban Design & Space Theory
Undergraduate Courses : Basic of Architectural Design, Urban Design, Digital Design
Graduate Courses : Urban Space and Social Geography, Community Resilience and Practices, Appropriate Technology and Architectural Design, Criticism of Place and placelessness
Personal/Lab : My Personal Website - Profile, Research, Design, Drawing & Photograph
Photograph(Old Town) : Watertowns in China(13 Villages) | Old Towns in Huizhou(12 Villages)
Academic : My Web Class | Jamiheun/Lab of Architecture Design & Space Theory, PNU. | Student's Gallery of DOAP.
International Program : East Asian Architecture & Urban Design Workshop
Special Link : Dept. of Architecture, PNU  | Prof. Seiji Sato's home  | SAUP Tongji Univ. Shanghai