Lucun Village lies 1 kilometers north to the Hongcun Village. Hundreds of visitors are attracted to the village each day by its beautiful views and more than 140 well-preserved ancient houses, among which the magnificent woodcarving buildings are celebrated. Located in the subtropics, Yixian County has a wet mild monsoon climate. It is free of severe winter cold and summer hot. The comfortable weather affords good opportunities to travel throughout the year. The best season to travel Yixian County is autumn. Zhicheng Hall, located in Lucun Village, is acclaimed as the No. 1 woodcarving buildings. It was first constructed by Lu Bangxie in the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Daoguang. Lu, also called Lu Baiwan (a millionaire), enjoyed a bright political career after making a big fortune in business. The building consists of seven courtyards, among which Zhicheng Hall served as Lu's own living room. In this well-preserved antique hall exquisite woodcarving works, in the form of high relief, concave relief, and low relief, is fully displayed. Besides, the hall is noted for a fantastic background for movie cameras. For instance, the well-known Huangmei Opera Huizhou Woman, starring Han Zaifen, was shot here.