Jixi County belonged to Huizhou city in ancient time. At that time, studying was very popular, so the buildings of ancestral hall were scattered in everywhere. Hu ancestral hall in Longchuan was built in the 25th year of Jiaqing period in Ming dynasty (namely the year 1574), and it was rebuilt in the fourth year of Guangxu period in Qing dynasty (namely the year 1898). The hall situates in the north and faces the south. It has three gardens, and occupies 1271 square meters. The decoration in the hall is elegant, especially the well preserved wood carving. The hall is called the treasure house of wood carving arts of Hui style. Two of the ministers in Ming dynasty came from Longchuan. The place is also the hometown of Hu Jintao, the present president of People’s republic of China. The Hu ancestral hall was listed as the major historical and cultural site under state protection in 1988. Experts concerned praised the Hu ancestral hall is the best hall ever seen.