Nanping Village, located in the southwest part of Yixian County ,is a town with broad scales and a thousand years history. Nanping Village still preserved 300 ancient buildings of the Ming and Qin Dynasty. "Kuiguang Hall", "Xuzhi Hall" are magnificent halls, while "Shensi Hall" and "Bingling Hall" are simple, elegant dwelling houses. In "Wang Song Ling" , ancient trees line up to the sky , ancient bridge lies down silently. There are seventy-two ancient alleys, crossing o­ne after another within walls and buildings, this is a place with mysterious atmosphere. On the southern part of the village is the famous Mt. Linli, where in the Three Kingdom Era was the battlefield. Nanping Village is also the filming site for the movie "Ju Dou". In recent years, the "Tao's Genealogy " was found near the village, which confirmed that the Tao Yuanming's descendants had indeed moved to Nanping Village and lived in this area. This discovery had inflicted the curiosity of local and foreign tourists to come to Nanping Village to experience the beauty of the "Home o­n Wonderland".